Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Summer trousers

I always find it hard to dress for summer as I'm super pale and dread getting my milk bottle legs out and fake tanning is such a chore, especially when you have little ones. You can't do
It while they're awake because they'll end up smothered in it and it's the last thing you want to do once you've put them to bed especially when chocolate and pointless tv shows are calling. 

So, summer trousers are the answer for me when I can't be bothered to tan! 

Trousers- Boden, Blouse- Zara, Hat- River island (plant not included) Sandals- Next. 

Jumpsuit- Primark, Jacket- H&M. 

Kimono, Cami and Joggers- Dorothy Perkins, Sandals- H&M, Hat- River Island. 

A week in Cornwall

We have recently returned home from a week holiday in Padstow in Cornwall. It was so beautiful and the weather was pretty good too, which is always a plus when holidaying in England. Kids absolutely loved it and there's nothing more satisfying than watching your children run free along the beach, splash in the sea and get sand, well, everywhere. The Harbour was lovely and there's some great shops which we had a peak in (preferably during Romans nap time). 

Then there's the food. We said we were going to eat healthily and cook every night as we were staying in a beach house. Easier said than done when staying in Rick Stein Central and faced with pasties galore. Needless to say we didn't eat healthily. Ah well! 

We had the best time and have made plenty of memories and will for sure be making it an annual trip. Now I'm off to print off pics, here's a few :) 

The Harbour 

Treyanon Bay 

Pretty padstow houses