Monday, 27 April 2015


The weather is still very much up and down and so is my wardrobe. I've tucked away my winter coats so could do with a little casual jacket for the school runs etc. I really like bomber jackets but am really afraid that it will be one of those items that I will look back on in a few months and thing wtf was I thinking? I'm struggling to find the perfect one but did find one I like in Topshop. 

This one is very simple and navy, which is my favourite colour so I may have to try it on and see how it looks. Hoping very much that I don't resemble some 90s boy band throwback! 

This khaki authentic shirt jacket is great for that casual, everyday style. Perfect with jeans blue, black or white. It's between this or the bomber for me. I may have to have a little jacket showdown! 

Also, this is great for a little, simple weekend outfit. Light ripped skinnys, striped jacket and those sandals are just lavvvly! All from Zara! 

Saw this kimono. Love it, need it. I did a kimono post last week and I failed to spot this one hense me posting it now. It's from Topshop and is full of summer loveliness. A Great holiday/festival buy. 

Have a great week! 


A little home inspiration


I haven't blogged in a while about home ispiration so thought I'd do a little one about things I'm lusting over recently. I find it hard to dress our house exactly how we want it as we don't currently live in our ideal house and although our house is lovely, it lacks character which we both love. So most of the things I pick out are perfect for that quirky, character filled house which even though we don't have its ok to lust over them right? 

Oh how I love a statement chair. This is from M&S. 

Pineapples are having a bit of a moment and I likey! This is a scented candle and is also from M&S. I would very much like to see this on my dressing table next to my other pineapple candle ;) 

Loving this copper clock (also M&S). Do people still have clocks in their bedrooms anymore or do we all just check our phones like me? I'm thinking we need to bring the clock back especially if they're as cool and retro'y as this one. 

Pineapples again I know but wow this lamp is fab and is also from M&S. I love glass bottom and gold and black combo- perfect for any room!  

I have these artificial peonies but in Ivory and they really make a difference on my bedside table and bring a touch of prettiness which I think every bedroom needs. From Next. 

I'm so lusting over crockery with a country vibe just lately. This is exactly what I'm talking about. There's a great selection on M&S. 

Alphabet cushions are must and these Are great, so minimal and contemporary .Also from Next. 

I don't think it's much of a secret anymore how much I love mugs. I pretty much pick up a new one everytime I leave the house. It was hard for me to narrow it down to four here but I didn't want to bore you with mug chat, so here's four of my faves. All available at John Lewis. 

So there we go a little home inspo. I love all different types of home styles from shabby chic to modern contemporary to country chic to Art Deco.. I think that's why I can't ever decide and change things around so much but it's all trial and error not to mention good fun (so rock and roll I know;) ). 

Happy home styling! 


Sunday, 26 April 2015

New mules

I had a night out Friday with the school Mom's so needed a casual night time outfit. I usually go for a jacket and jeans combo on nights like this and found a great pair of mules in Dorothy Perkins sale for £17! 

Jacket/shoes/necklace- Dorothy Perkins • Tshirt- primark • Bag- Chloe. 

I love a grey neppy Tshirt too, they can be worn in so many ways and I love how they look with a chunky necklace. 

Hope I've given you a little outfit inspiration for your casual nights too. 


Thursday, 23 April 2015

Coffee and Walnut cake

Just lately I've been really craving coffee cake- no I'm not pregnant I'm just really feeling it right now. So not only am I ordering it in every coffee shop I enter just lately, I decided to make my own. 

And here it is... 

I would list the instructions however it would probably be easier to follow the recipe on bbc good food which is where I got it from and it turned out pretty well. Give it go if your feeling the coffee vibes too. 

Happy baking :) 


Quick OOTD!

Hi there, just another quick OOTD for you.. 

Shirt- H&M • Jeans- primark • Shoes- Zara • Coat- Zara. 



The perfect denim dress

I'm a big fan of the denim dress in all shapes and sizes. I have a denim shift dress from Topshop which I had a few years ago and it's probably my favourite dress and more recently I bought a denim shirt dress from Dorothy Perkins which I'm yet to wear. 

These are three of my style icons rocking the denim dress. 

Sincerely Jules • Alexa Chung • Hedvig (the northern light) 

Here's a few I spotted in the highstreet. 

Love this one from Warehouse. 

Much like Alexa's. This one is 
from Zara. 

This gorgeous shift dress is from Mango. Loving the over sized pockets too. 

I bought this denim shirt dress from Dorothy Perkins recently. I have yet to wear it, I'm hoping I will look as amazing as sincerely Jules does is hers (wishful thinking). 


Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Getting my "girly" on

I'm very much a jeans wearer. I wear jeans 99% if the time because I basically love them. However I have been "umm'ing and ahh'ing" over a white pleated skirt for about a year now.. Yes a year! So I've finally bought one from Asos and I really am liking it. I'm not going to lie I haven't felt as girly in a while as I did when I tried it on, Finlay said I look like a ballet dancer so I asked "do you like it then?" His response- "no, I don't like ballet dancers!" Fair enough ;) 

I'm wearing it here with a striped 'Bardot' top from Primark and necklace from Accessorize. 
The good thing about it is you can wear it with T-shirts, knitted sweaters, blouses and Camis so is actually really versatile.

I'm Looking forward to wearing it and doing plenty of swirling :) 


Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Wedding anniversary

So Friday was our third wedding anniversary. We've been together since school so a total of 15 years this June (with a couple of little breaks inbetween) but our actual wedding anniversary was Friday (17th April) which is the only anniversary we go by now. I feel like I have to give that little explanation every time someone asks how long we've been married. Anyhow, we don't really buy presents just a card with a few nice words written inside and we go on a little date :) 

We didn't have a professional photographer on our wedding day as our day was super low key- 8 guests to be exact but our pics actually turned out great with our trusty canon. And, although my husband isn't keen on how clean shaven he is in them (he's big on the beard now) they're still lovely to me and reflect our day perfectly. 

I know a lot people say it and it sounds so cheesy but my husband really is my best friend. We've been through a lot together and despite it all we've still always been there for each other. We've been side by side through almost everything and I really don't know what I'd do without him. 

Anyway enough of all the soppyness, here's what I wore on our date.. 

Seeing as though we were child free, I saw it as a perfect opportunity for the white jeans. 

Jacket and blouse- Topshop • Jeans- Zara • Shoes- Matalan (old) 

We went to a little country pub around 20 mins from us called "The cowshed". The food was lovely and it was a nice, intimate place, it's like a converted barn. Very country chic. I didn't manage to get any pics though unfortunately as my food didn't last long on the plate. All in all it was a lovely evening and so great to spend time chatting and laughing with my hubs :) 

Perfect summer dress

A few posts ago I posted about a few summer items from warehouse and one of them was a gorgeous tropical printed shirt dress. I had my eye on it for a while but was hesitant to buy it and was doing the usual "not sure it will suit me" "when will I ever wear it" malarkey. Any how this touch of sun we're having pushed me to buy it and I love it! 

I've rolled the sleeves up once as I found them a little too long but other than that its just what I wanted. Perfect for a casual summer look with flat sandals or even night time look with heeled sandals, maybe a white blazer. Either way it can be styled for whatever occasion. Glad I stopped being such a bore and bought it ;) 


Thursday, 16 April 2015

Kimono style

With all the stylish celebs at coachella this week , it's got me all excited for summer style. I love boho and I really love a kimono. They're  flattering, comfortable and look pretty. Not to mention their versatility. They can go with jeans, trousers, skirts, shorts, t shirts, Camis... Ok you get the jist. Here's a few of my faves. 

Love at Topshop. I will most likely be buying this one. Love the print against the black and I don't yet have a long one so obviously I must have it. 

A bit shorter, this is River island. 

Obviously H&M have a good selection. I've picked this one as i like the Paisley print. 


Tuesday, 14 April 2015

My handsome's

Thought I would do a post of my boys wearing a few of the items I've blogged about recently. I don't buy all of the items I blog about, some of it is just inspiration, but there are some items I can't resist. 

Finlay in the denim jacket and black skinnys. Both from Zara. Shoes converse. 

Roman in Zara Tshirt and shorts and Adidas superstars from JD sports. 

Roman again. Hat- Primark • Top- Next • Jeans- Zara • Trainers- Converse • watering can- models own ;) 

So there we have a few pics of my two little models. I hope they have done a good job and inspired a few summer looks for your boys. 

Quick OOTD!

The dungarees are getting some good wear lately with all this glorious weather- I'm loving it! 

Dungarees- H&M • Top- Zara • Shoes- Birkenstock • Necklace- Accessorize. 

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Bargain shoes

I've been drooling over a lot of different lace up flats for a good few weeks now after seeing one of my favourite stylish bloggers Sincerely Jules wearing some, but as I said in one of my previous posts the price of hers were a little (a lot) out of my price range so I had a little high street search and found some in Office (also in my previous post) however they didn't have my size and then I couldn't find them online.. Boo! 

So, on Saturday I was having a browse in Primark and found a pair and for only £10- yep! So I bought them and they look great. 

So pleased with them and especially the price. Wearing them here with Skinnys and will probably be mostly wearing them with jeans but they would go well with skirts, dresses and shorts too! Can't wait to wear them! 


Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Quick OOTD!

The Suns out and so I'm back to braving the white Jean. 

Shirt and Jeans both Zara. 


Boys spring/summer inspo

The sun has been beaming this week which has made me realise that my boys wardrobe is not summer ready. So had a little browse at some potential purchases and bought a few. 

All from Zara. 

Also Zara. 

Top and hoody- Mango • Shorts- Zara • Trainers- Adidas superstars, JD sports. 

All from Next. 

I love dressing my boys for summer, and will defo enjoy dressing them in some of these outfits. A lot of summer coolness coming our way, hopefully the sun is here for the long haul. 

Happy styling! 


New make up brushes

I'm not the best with make up, never have been. I've had a similar make up style since I was 18. I find it quite tricky to understand the difference in all the foundation types, primers, powders, highlighters... Too much! Having said that, I am trying because the bags under my eyes aren't getting any lighter and I really do envy women with great make up. I have purchased the foundation, primer, concealer and highlighter, so next was brushes. A little Google search, an Instagram post and a few make up vids later I decided on the Real Techniques brushes by Sam and Nic from Pixi woo. 

I got the four brushes in a set for £21.99 from boots and bought an extra brush which is the pink one called a "stippling brush" and I must say they've made a real difference. At first I didn't know what I was doing with them but tried a few techniques and now I am loving them. I use the flat foundation brush to apply and then the buffing brush to blend it all in and Et voilĂ .. Lovely blended skin! I would definately recommend these and will be purchasing a few more over time :) 

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Spring/summer wishlist no.2

Good morning. Time for another wishlist I reckon. 

Now as you've probably noticed I'm very much liking H&M at the moment. Did you see my post about their pyjama style jackets? They've really got that style nailed down! Anyway, all pj excitement aside there are another few things I have my eye on. 

Dungarees are having such a "moment" currently which I'm happy about as I LOVE them and these polka dot, loose fit ones are super cute. May need them for summer. Only £29.99! 

I love a good boot. I know we shouldn't really be purchasing boots what with summer not too far away but these are in the sale AND real leather so will last a long time. Win win really! ;) 

Pumps are very cool right now. And I'm really liking these blue, suede ones. Casual, cool and comfortable. Everything I need! 

Oh Zara must you make so many lovely coats and jackets that I don't need. 

When I say I don't need anymore coats, I really mean it. But this belted blazer isn't really a coat more of a jacket and I don't have too many of those... you see where I'm going with this ;) I just love it in all its double breasted loveliness. Will defo need this for a girly night. So chic and classy. Will only need a little cami to go underneath or, if the model is anything to go by, it doesn't need anything underneath. But I'm not sure I'm brave enough for that. 

Last but not least, this red collarless coat needs to be in my life right about now. So vibrant and bold, I think would look great in these chilly spring months with some white jeans and a plain T shirt. Lovely jubbly! 

So there you have it. Another little spring wishlist. Hope it's brought you some spring/summer inspo. Thanks for reading, have a great bank holiday. 


Thursday, 2 April 2015

Quick OOTD!

Coat- ASOS • Denim shirt- H&M • 
Trainers- Adidas Gazelles • Jeans- Zara. 

New vase

I saw this vase in Asda a couple of weeks ago and just loved it. The blue tile print is just what I'm loving right now. So obviously I had to buy it. And at £12, I can I can only consider it a bargain! 

Oh and looks even better with tulips :) 

H&M Studio- pyjama madness!

I was flicking through my Grazia magazine on the long journey back from Cornwall and got very excited when I saw a pyjama style jacket from H&M and when I looked it up online there was a whole Aladdins cave of them ;) 

I'm particularly loving the top right. With a white top and jeans, a perfect summer outfit is made!