Wednesday, 30 September 2015

An evening jumper look

My previous post was about my mini Primark haul where I got some great jumpers at a great price so here's is little post about how that knitwear can be styled for an evening look.

I doubt many of us think about wearing knitwear on a night out as its more of a casual item but I'm here to tell you different as I find it quite versatile. Now, it's not ideal if you're going dancing all night as you will get hot (obvs) so I'm thinking more dinner and drinks :) 

I've gone for it here with Zara leather skirt, French connection ankle boots and Zara coat. With the jumper tucked into the skirt I think it looks and feels really classy. 

As all of my items are old, here are some other similar pieces to get the look. 

Camel coat 

Top left- ASOS • Top right- M&S • Bottom left- Zara • Bottome right- Missguided

Leather skirt 

Top left- Topshop • Top right- M&S • Bottom left- Missguided • Bottom right- Zara

Heeled boots 

Top left- Topshop • Top right- Office • Bottom left- Dune at ASOS • Bottom right- Topshop

Tights available most places but you can't beat a good M&S pair. Click here to shop. 

Also a good look without tights if you prefer a bare leg. 

Hope I've given a little inspo! 

Thanks for reading 


Mini Primark Haul

It's been a while since a had a spending spree in Primark so Saturday I tagged along with my sister for little shopping trip and got some great buys. Now, I know summer is trying to get all up in my grill again (no summer I don't want you, you had your chance, I've bought knitwear now and I plan to wear it.. Pfft!) but still there is a little chill, especially in the morning, so these fine knit jumpers are great! 

What I bought 

These fab sweaters. High neck and V neck- both £6! I already have a couple of the high neck ones from last year in a few colours and they have brought them out again and they look great. 

This gorgeous bag was only £5- yep a fiver you read that right. In the sale down from £10 as its part of the summer bag collection, but for me, is an any weather kind of bag. Very pretty and looks great with all outfits! 

I have done a post before about how I'm loving these dainty bracelets and necklaces and this set is perfect for layering without it becoming too heavy or annoying. Only £2 for all eight- total barg! 

Love this make up bag. I'm pretty rubbish at updating make up bags and keeping my brushes clean etc but when they look this good how can I not purchase. I may even get away with it as a clutch ;) 

So there you have it, a little sneak into my shopping bags, I mustn't leave my primark trips so far between. Sorry I have been so lazy with the blog posts this past week, I have been up to my eyeballs in Fins birthday plans but have good few posts lined up so keep a look out. 

Have a great rest of the week :) 


Friday, 25 September 2015

Knitwear picks

It's starting to feel kinda cold now so the knitwear is coming out for sure. I love chunky jumpers and fine knit jumpers, they're great for layering and look super cute for autumn/winter style.

I've recently had this jumper from Zara, which I've styled here. 

Jumper- Zara • Blouse- Topshop • Shoes- Office (old) • Jeans- Next • Necklace- Warehouse

Great for layering a shirt or blouse underneath. I would go for a size up though to make it a little baggier, I don't know about you but I like my jumpers big. 

Here are a few other of my fave jumper picks. 

Top left- Topshop • Top right- ASOS • Bottom left- ASOS • Bottom right- Zara

High neck is very on trend as is the cricket/tennis jumper. 

*Tip- a lot of jumpers are a little on the cropped side which can be annoying, so wear a longer shirt underneath to add length and style. Like so... 

Images from Pinterest. 

Loving the styling on all of these jumper looks. 

Images from Pinterest. 

Jumpers are fab for all occasions. Dress up with heels or heeled boots and a necklace either with jeans or skirt (a leather skirt looks great) for an evening look. 

If you're thinking about splashing some cash on a bit of cashmere then Boden have a great range. I have my eye on the cream Crew neck. 

Available in multiple colours from Boden

So there we have it, get your knitwear on and let's all get cosy- best times! 

Have a great weekend :) 


Thursday, 24 September 2015

Outfit inspiration- AW15

A little autumn/winter outfit inspo today. I'm loving so many different styles lately so have done outfit inspiration for several occasions, just because, well I love everything! :)

Night out 

It can be a rare occasion for us Moms to get a night out so, when buying an outfit for an night out its always good to buy something that can be worn as day wear too and this dress is great for that.

Dress- Topshop • Boots- Topshop • Bag- Mango

Would look fab with black tights and trench coat if necessary. For casual wear with black flat Chelsea boots or patent loafers. 


Simple park style, school run and shopping outfits are an essential so comfortable yet stylish items are a must. 

Jacket- Topshop • Hat- Topshop • Jeans- Topshop • Trainers- Office

Stylish daywear 

This outfit sits between dressy and casual. Perfect for a day out shopping or lunching :) 

Jumper- Topshop • Coat- Mango • Jeans- Topshop • Boots- Office

Loving all of this and all these items can be worn seperatley and in several styles. 

The boots are available in a few different colours. Very much liking these metallics. 
Both fro Office. 
Left- click here • Right- click here

So there we have a few autumnal looks, hope I've given a little inspiration. Thanks for reading! 


Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Quick OOTD!

A quick outfit of the day post for you following on from my Coat post, I've pulled out one of my faves, an oldie but a goodie- this grey coat is from Zara last year.

Coat- Zara (old) • Hat- Topshop • Skinnys- Next • Boots- Office

Also with this gorge top from Chic wish. Get it here.

Really taking this Victorian trend to the next level in this lace baby doll number. I have such a weakness for this style of top and why not? Look how pretty! :) 

Have a great evening


All about the Coat!

The time has come, yes it's time for a coat post and I'm just a little excited about all the coats- yep, I need to get out more, there is no doubt about that ;)

Coats are an autumn/winter necessity so it's important you have the right one and as I love coats so much here are some of my best picks. 

Click to shop.
Top left- M&S • Top right- Topshop • Bottom left- ASOS • Bottom right- Dorothy Perkins

Double breasted 

I love a double breasted coat. They look smart and keep you extra warm- win win! 

Top left- H&M • Top right- ASOS • Bottom left- H&M • Bottom right- Zara

Smart coats 

Top left- French Connection • Top right- Missguided • Bottom left- Next • Bottom right- ASOS

Duffle coats 

Left- M&S • Top right- ASOS • Bottom right- New look at ASOS

Some great coats for smart and casual.  I'm Particularly loving the checked pieces. Fab with boots and jeans or skirt, dresses and tights. I'm actually wishing the cold to come- don't hate me ;) 

Thanks for reading and Happy shopping!

Monday, 21 September 2015

Millie Mackintosh- Easy peasy braids

I've always loved braided/plaited  hairstyles but have never been able to do them very well as, well, I'm rubbish at hair basically (plus I don't have the patience).

(Some of my favourite braided styles- all images from Pinterest- so gorgeous but a little too complicated for me.)

So, when I bought the lovely Millie Mackintosh's book "Made" and saw this easy hairstyle tutorial I thought I'd give it a whirl. 

And here is my attempt. So easy and quick. I'd probably do it on hair that's a day old, not freshly washed. Love it and really stepping up this Little house on the prairie vibe ;) 

It's a lovely book with some great tips. Millie is one of my favourite style icons, I love her effortless boho style, she always looks amazing! 

Get the book from Amazon here

Have a great week peeps! 


Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Autumn dress- Follow up

As my last post was dedicated to autumn dresses, I've put together and little autumn dress outfit.

I've had this denim tunic dress from Topshop for a few years now and it's one of my favourites. Perfect for dressing in autumn/winter. I've teamed it here with my leopard coat from ASOS (also an oldie but goodie), tights and studded boots. I love a denim and leopard combo! 

I think the denim dress is definitely a wardrobe staple whether it be in a tunic or shirt dress or smock as it can be worn in all seasons. 

Get the look 

As my outfit is pretty old here are some similar pieces. 

Top left- Boden • Top right- ASOS • Bottom left- ASOS • Bottom right- Zara

Top left- ASOS • Top right- Mango • Bottom left- Topshop • Bottom right- Topshop

Necklace- Warehouse • Hat- Topshop • Boots- Office • Tights- M&S

A great look for autumn weekends, shopping or lunch. Or for a casual affair swap the boots for a black converse and the fedora for a beanie and you have a cool, casual look. 

Happy midweek! 


Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Autumn dresses

So you might have thought about putting away all of your summer dresses in favour of jeans and jumpers which some of you may find quite depressing but fear not! I'm bringing you my fave picks on autumn dresses!

All of these gorgeous dresses can be worn with black tights and boots to keep you warm, comfy yet still looking pretty :)

First of all how gorgeous is this high neck, baby doll embroidered dress from Warehouse. I'm completely in love with it. Great for an autumn night out with tights and heeled boots but also day wear with basically the same however with a flat boot and coat or fur gilet if you want to go for that boho look. 

More great dresses. I'm particularly loving the black dungaree dress from Topshop. Although these are fab for summer they look great in autumn/winter too with a light polo neck sweater underneath. 

Top left- Warehouse • Top right- French Commection • Bottom left- Mango at ASOS • Bottom right- Topshop

Well these are just a little bit (or a lot) pretty aren't they?! Gorgeous in both colours and will also be great for next summer too as great with sandals. I seriously heart them! Only £19.99! 

Both from Zara. For red- click here • Black- click here

More faves.
Top left- Zara • Top right- Boden • Bottom left- Zara • Bottom right- Zara

The Boden dress is available in a range of colours and you must check it out for a closer look as my pic doesn't do it enough justice. Great print! 

Last but not least. We all need a shirt dress and this checked dress from missguided is perfect for those casual days with tights and Brown ankle boots. Great price too! 
Also this Zara dress has my name written all over it. Another dress for all seasons! 

Left- Missguided • Right- Zara

So there we have it. Hope that has given you a bit of dress inspo for the upcoming months. As I've banged on about boots so much, check out some of my other posts lots of boots for all occasions and I will be doing a heeled boots post soon. 

Happy dressing peeps! 


Monday, 14 September 2015

New blouse alert!

I'm a little bit addicted to buying blouses and shirts (if you haven't already noticed).  My most recent blouse purchase was this gorgeous topshop number.

Teamed with this fab necklace from warehouse I'm very much loving this combo. This blouse is perfect with jeans and coat or jumper for daytime and tucked into a leather skirt with heels and clutch bag for evening look. 

I've also gone for this autumnal nail. I'm not very adventurous with my nails and I usually just like all shades of red, so my most recent shade is "Berries and cream" from Rimmel. 

Can't beat a good old Rimmel I say! 

Get the look 

Blouse- Topshop 

Necklace- Warehouse 

Have a great week!